Gallery Inspiration

ART is my third career, but my earliest passion.  At five years old, I held art shows for my parents with artwork photos from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Seminars in Art book series.  Later came school, marriage, children and 35 years of law practice in Texas and New Mexico.  Along the way came ranching and showing cutting horses in the National Cutting Horse Association.  I retired from law practice and continued to show cutting horses.  Then new inspiration came with grandchildren who love all things ART.

Art collecting is a passion for me.  It’s a great pastime for anyone who loves art.  In a well-curated collection, the sum always is better than the individual parts.

I dedicate Tiemann Art Gallery to all the big and little artists in my life, my two-footed and four-footed inspirations, and to my husband, Rob Tiemann.  Rob promised me the moon and the stars when we married, then he gave them to me!

— Carrie Tiemann, owner

Tiemann Art Gallery, 2020