Do you miss traveling?  Have you visited the small villages of southern France, or is that something you would like to do?  This painting depicts the path leading to the small community of Trebes in southern France.  This beautiful area is a beloved location for hikers.  

Julian Petrie was a classically trained artist from England.  He lived the last 20 years of his life near Trebes, painting the picturesque area around him. In “The Path At Trebes,” we feel both the artist’s spontaneity and mastery of shapes and colors. 

Offered this week, “The Shimmering Land” by western artist Kenneth Riley (1919-2015).
What color is white? “The Shimmering Land” is a white painting. Except it’s not white. Orange, blue, green, yellow, and purple are used to paint a white figure riding a white horse in a white landscape. At the gallery, I hung The Shimmering Land next to another western painting, “Backstage” by Duke Beardsley (born 1969). After I hung these two paintings, I noticed they use exactly the same colors with dramatically different results. The Shimmering Land indeed shimmers with these jewel-like colors while Beardsley’s painting is bright, bold and dark with the same colors. A remarkable comparison!
Offered this week, “Bluebonnet Time” by Austin artist Matthew Stavrowsky.
Are you a Texan? Love bluebonnets? Every Texan needs 1 or 5 bluebonnet paintings in their house. I love those Texas hill country scenes showing carpets of bluebonnets, with a few Indian paintbrush for extra color, gnarly live oak trees, hills in the background, big Texas sky, maybe some birds. But how about something different?
“Waves” by Alice Dalton Brown is a beautiful, original oil painting of where we would all like to be this July 4th – at the seashore. Dalton Brown’s dazzling combinations of light and architecture have made her paintings enormously popular. Her paintings capture perfect moments to be treasured – an American flag waving in a seashore breeze, late afternoon shadows on a white-washed porch, lush tropical landscapes reflected in a swimming pool, gauzy curtains gently moving in an open doorway. Dalton Brown’s paintings transport the viewer to a tranquil, perfect and timeless world. Her still, quiet compositions are reminiscent of Edward Hopper, only (in my view) happier and not as lonely as Hopper’s paintings. Dalton Brown’s paintings look as if someone has just left the room.

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